Thursday, January 30, 2020

House Collective Bargaining Bill Moves to the Floor

January 29, 2020

Wednesday afternoon, HB582, Collective Bargaining for Public Sector Employees, passed the House Appropriations Committee and will head to the floor for first read Thursday, debate on Friday, and final passage Monday. We know that the conversations you had with your legislators on Monday helped firm up the votes we needed. Now we need to keep the pressure on. Make a follow up call to your member of the House of Delegates and tell them why school employees need collective bargaining. Keep the pressure on!

The Labor Coalition met today to talk through which Senators needed to hear more from us and we talked floor strategy. Thursday, VEA President Jim Livingston, will be walking the halls of the Pocahontas building getting in front of key members of the VA Senate. He will also be thanking members of the House and making sure they know how much the VEA supports this legislation. We expect the Senate bill to be heard on Monday in the full Senate Labor and Commerce Committee.

Also headed to the floor Thursday are the House versions of our due process bills. After the bipartisan passage of our bills in the Senate, we feel good about the outcome in the House. These are big bills that, I hope, don’t get lost in the collective bargaining excitement. Watch for HB365 from Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy and HB570 from Delegate Elizabeth Guzman.

In subcommittee Thursday afternoon our SOL reduction bill, SB847 by Senator Pillion, will have its first hearing. In exciting news, Senator Jeremey McPike has a nearly identical bill. I am hopeful that we can get bipartisan support and finally pass a bill that so many Virginian’s want. I will update on those Thursday.