Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Last Day Before Crossover- Send An Email NOW

The House and Senate must complete all work on their bills by midnight tonight other than their budget bills. Yesterday the VEA sent out an action alert calling on our cyberlobbyists to send emails to their legislators asking for support of the SENATE version on salary increases and the HOUSE version on school counselor funding.

If you haven't sent an email, please do so now by clicking here.

On the floor of the House today, HB2037 from Delegate Carroll-Foy, passed. This is the teacher diversity bill that I have been writing about all session. The bill passed 99-0. The identical Senate bill, patroned by Senator Peake, passed the Senate 39-0, so it looks like this important piece of legislation is going to pass. Nothing is guaranteed, so we will watch it carefully, but as it stands now, we are in really good shape!

Also on the House floor today, Delegate Davis brought his HB2614, a Charter School bill to the floor. Keep in mind this bill died in subcommittee only to be revived in the full committee when Delegate Davis realized a couple of the Democratic members of the committee were not present to vote and he knew he could pass it that day. His presentation of the bill was misleading at best, but he ended his floor speech by getting caught up in what can only be considered racially insensitive comments that brought a gasp from members of the floor. I expected six Republicans to vote with the Democrats to kill the bill before Delegate Davis' floor speech (Hugo, Bloxom, Helsel, O'Quinn, Pillion, and Morefield). That should have resulted in a vote of 45-54. Instead many more Rs broke from their caucus after the terrible comments from Davis. The motion was to pass the bill, so a "NAY" vote was the right vote. As you can see, a total of 11 Rs voted to kill the bill. What was already a bad bill that was dead on arrival on the floor, was made far worse by the patrons comments. We thank the members of the House who voted to kill this bill.

YEAS--Adams, L.R., Bell, Richard P., Bell, Robert B., Brewer, Byron, Campbell, R.R., Cole, Collins, Davis, Edmunds, Fowler, Freitas, Garrett, Gilbert, Head, Ingram, Jones, S.C., Knight, Landes, LaRock, Leftwich, Marshall, McGuire, McNamara, Miyares, Peace, Pogge, Poindexter, Robinson, Rush, Stolle, Ware, Webert, Wilt, Wright, Yancey, Mr. Speaker--37.
NAYS--Adams, D.M., Aird, Austin, Ayala, Bagby, Bell, John J., Bloxom, Bourne, Bulova, Campbell, J.L., Carr, Carroll Foy, Carter, Convirs-Fowler, Delaney, Fariss, Filler-Corn, Gooditis, Guzman, Hayes, Helsel, Heretick, Herring, Hodges, Hope, Hugo, Hurst, James, Jones, J.C., Keam, Kilgore, Kory, Krizek, Levine, Lindsey, Lopez, McQuinn, Morefield, Mullin, Murphy, O'Quinn, Orrock, Pillion, Plum, Price, Ransone, Rasoul, Reid, Rodman, Roem, Sickles, Simon, Sullivan, Thomas, Torian, Toscano, Tran, Turpin, Tyler, VanValkenburg, Ward, Watts--62.

Tomorrow morning the work begins again on the bills that have crossed over.