Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Day One of the Second Half of Session

Today was spent shoring up Senate support for our HB2325. This is the bill that expands the ability of the VA Board of Education to issue a less punitive reprimand when a teacher is disciplinary action on his or her license. Currently the Board can only revoke or suspend a license even for more minor infractions. This bill will offer the option that 38 other states already have. The bill passed the House 95-0, but we want to be proactive answering any questions or concerns the key senators may have. The bill will likely go to the Senate Education and Health Subcommittee on Public Education where five members of the Senate can put the bill on a path to passage. Chairman Carrico talked through the bill with me today and he said it looked good and if he had any questions he would call. Senator Dunnavant, a doctor, said the bill makes complete sense as it matches what Virginia does for those in the medical profession facing license action. I will get with Senator Peake tomorrow, but if Dunnavant and Carrico are good, I feel confident he will be as well. The two other members of the subcommittee are Senators Locke and Howell and we know we can count on them with this bill.

Our patron, Delegate Bob Thomas, has worked really hard to move this bill forward. He has already talked with the Chair of the full Senate Education and Health Committee, Steve Newman, as well. Hopefully the bill will be heard next week and move quickly to the floor.

All of our other work is focused on budget. Please click here to send an email to your legislators asking them to support the Senate budget amendment approach on salary increase and the House amendment approach on increasing the numbers of school counselors.