Friday, January 11, 2019

VEA Initiated Bills and Budget Amendments

Today's post features the legislation that VEA members voted, at Convention, to initiate along with a really sweeping bill that has been in the works since VEA's first Teachers of Color Summit and the recommendations that came from that event. Overall, it is a good agenda for educators.

From our 2019 Legislative agenda:
Teacher Evaluation and a$200,000 budget amendment for the VA Department of education to complete the study: Delegate Debra Rodman (D) patron
You can click here to read the legislation.

Duty Free Lunch and a $500, 000 budget amendment for initial funding: Delegate Cheryl Turpin (D) is our Chief Patron and she has co patrons that you can see when you click on the bill.
You can click here to read the legislation.

Part time VRS Study/$200,000 budget amendment: Delegate Ayala (D) (notice patrons who have signed on when you click on the bill).

Our bill that will allow the VA Board of Education (BOE) to have the ability to issue a reprimand when a teacher faces a license action in front of the BOE. Right now the Board can only revoke or suspend a license. Those are really severe punishments for lesser infractions. We need to change that. Delegate Thomas (R) is patroning the bill. You can click here to read the bill.

The Department of Education has requested funding in order to implement the School Personnel Climate Survey we proposed last year. Our patron's have each submitted a $300,000 budget amendment to cover the cost. Thank you Senator McClellan (D) and Del. VanValkenburg (D).

VEA will support the School Construction funding in the Governor’s budget and Senator Bill Stanley’s (R) School Modernization budget amendments.We will go after the restoration of the Per Pupil Lottery Allocation in 2020 through the Biennial Budget process.

From the Teacher of Color Summit Recommendations:
An amazing bill to open up both Teacher Diversity and the Teacher Pipeline in Virginia. There is a House and a Senate version of the bill. They are identical.
House Bill 2037 is patroned by Delegate Jennifer Carroll-Foy(D) and Co-Patroned by Delegate Lee Ware (R). you can click here to read the House version of the bill.

The Senate version of the bill is patroned by Senator Mark Peake (R) and co-patroned by Senator  Mamie Locke (D). You can follow the Senate bill here.

The other big news today is that VEA Fund recommended candidate, Jennifer Boysko,  was sworn into the Virginia Senate. That leaves her seat open in an nearly evenly divided House. She also sat on the House Education Committee. Her open seat there shifts the balance of power a bit for sure. Speaker Cox has announced that the Special Election to fill that House seat won't be until February 19. The General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn on February 23, so we will have to work with some new math until then. For most of session the House will be 51 Republicans and 48 Democrats.