Monday, January 14, 2019

Mondays Are Busy for House Education

Today the House Education Committee got to work. Mondays are always long because the House Ed committee has three subcommittees, and two of them meet on Monday. On Mondays, House Ed Subcommittee #3 meets at 7am, then the full House Ed committee meets at 8:30am, and House Ed Sub #1 meets at 4pm. As the dockets get longer, these days go non-stop from 7am until at least 7pm as the subcommittees run long with so many bills to hear.

Why are subcommittees so important? Well the subcommittees are the engines that drive all the committee work. They are smaller and more focused. Most bills in both the Senate and the House are assigned to subcommittees, where they get very thorough hearings. In general, this is where bills are amended and discussed at length. It is where one vote can kill or advance a bill and where you can have the most influence. It is also where you must be the most prepared to speak to every detail of each bill. I enjoy the subcommittees and appreciate the discussion and debate with the smaller group. You can see who sits on the House Education subcommittees by clicking here and then clicking on each of the three subcommittees. You can see the the members of the Senate Education and Health subcommittee on public education here.

There was not much action on VEA bills today, but there is a whole lot of tweaking language, proposing amendments, and working on bill strategies. Things will pick up tomorrow.

As an fyi for those of you following the ERA Constitutional Amendment, the chair of the House committee where the legislation is assigned, Privileges and Elections (P&E), is continuing to say that he does not intend to being the legislation to the committee. You can contact Delegate Mark Cole, Chair of House P&E by clicking here.