Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Lobby Day is Coming. Have You Made Your Plans?

So in big news, the Equal Rights Amendment passed the Virginia Senate! A huge victory, but there is still a HUGE problem in the House. The Chair of the House Privileges and Elections committee, Delegate Mark Cole, has refused to put the House version of the bill on the committee docket for consideration. The Speaker of the House, Kirk Cox, has yet to intervene and force the issue. We will have to see if the Republican leadership in the House of Delegates is really prepared to block a vote on legislation that the vast majority of Virginians support and that the Senate passed. So while we celebrate a victory today, we are along way from passing the Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia. We need to be contacting our legislators and put pressure on them to do the right things. They need to hear from you.

Hearing from you is why the VEA has a Lobby Day every year. This year it is Monday, January 28. It is one, coordinated day where school employees from across the Commonwealth come to Richmond to demand that legislators to do the right thing for us and for our schools. This year it is vital that you come to Richmond. We are facing a budget fight that will set the stage for how K-12 public education is funded for years to come. We need to put pressure on every member of the House and Senate to do the right thing. Come to Richmond, lobby your member of the General Assembly, and then come to the noon rally for education on the grounds of the VA Capitol. Members of Virginia Educators United will join us to demand that the General Assembly FUND OUR FUTURE! It is time to make structural, long-term changes to how we fund our public schools and pay our public school employees. Click here to learn more about VEA Lobby Day and the Fund Our Future Rally.

For anyone who is not a member of the VEA, we encourage you to learn more about the Virginia Educators United plans for January 28 by clicking here.