Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Will the VA Senate Vote On a Budget Today?

This time last week I was optimistic that the VA Senate would stop the games and actually do their job- take up a state budget. I was wrong.

Today the Senate will convene at 3:00pm. We will know far more after the Senate Finance Committee meets at noon. If they take a up a budget, there will be a floor vote today. If they don't, there will likely not be a floor vote today. All signs are pointing to a floor vote, but I refuse to be optimistic only to be let down by the Republican Senate leadership like I was last week.

If the Senate approves a budget today, the House will take it up tomorrow. Speaker Cox has called the House back at 2pm tomorrow to be ready just in case. Of course he did that last week, too, only to be let down. He made his disappointment very clear last week. He expects a budget tomorrow.

We will see. For now, as we approach the noon hour, let's see what our Virginia Senate is prepared to do and how they will do it.