Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Senate Expands Medicaid, Almost Has a Budget

The Senate just voted 22-18 to adopt Senator Hanger's substitute budget that expands Medicaid and invests in VA. All of the Democrats along with Republican Senators Hanger, Wagner, and Chafin voted in favor of expansion. They are now working through 18 floor amendments that are designed to chip away at the Medicaid expansion budget they just adopted. The first block of them died 22-18. I would anticipate that outcome with all of the amendments.

The House reconvened as soon as the Senate voted on the budget substitute and are not waiting for the floor amendments. The House Appropriations Committee will meet at 6pm to review what hey Senate adopted and vote to take it to the floor of the House later tonight for a vote.

We are close. Medicaid expansion in Virginia!