Wednesday, May 30, 2018

It Looks Like Today Will Be the Day

The Senate is making progress on the budget. It has been a long process this morning, but as of right now the Senate rejected the Caboose budget that the Senate Finance Committee passed. That budget covers the remainder of the current fiscal year. That budget did not include any provisions for Medicaid expansion. They passed Senator Hanger's substitute to the Caboose Bill for the current fiscal year. That bill does include components of Medicaid expansion. The Caboose bill substitute passed 23-17 with Senators Hanger, Wagner, Chafin, and Vogel voting with the the Democrats in favor of the bill.

They have now moved on to the 2018-2020 Biennial budget. They have rejected the version of the budget that does not include Medicaid expansion. They are currently debating Senator Hanger's substitute budget. There are 23 floor amendments, so the debate will likely take some time. Senator Norment is also putting his Republican colleagues through the ringer with very detailed questions on minute details of the budget proposal.

The House is ready to roll once the Senate adopts a budget. They convened as planned at 2pm and are now in recess watching and waiting with the rest of us as the Senate goes through the process. As soon as the Senate finishes up, the House Appropriations Committee will meet to review what the Senate passed and then go to the floor to vote. The Senate should end up passing the compromise budget that the House has already agreed to, so once the House has a budget, assuming nothing crazy happens, they should be able to move quickly.

I will keep you updated.