Thursday, March 1, 2018

Save Our Librarians- SB261 Is Up On Monday Morning

Today I am sharing the email that VEA President Jim Livingston sent out yesterday. We need to action NOW to protect our school librarians. Please see below for Jim's message:

This message is sent to the VEA BOD, all Local Presidents, the SVEA BOD, SVEA Chapter Presidents, UniServ Directors, UniServ Support Staff, All Headquarters Staff and the VEA-R Council.  Please circulate widely.


The General Assembly has been considering a bill that would allow school divisions to have fewer librarians in our middle and high schools. Senate Bill 261 by Senator Sutterlein would give flexibility on the staffing requirement for school librarians established by the Standards of Quality. Currently any middle or high school with 1,000 or more students must have 2 school librarians.

School superintendents and school boards are asking that they be allowed to ONLY HAVE ONE librarian and then use the additional state money to hire either a media specialist or a resource teacher. This is a bad bill. We need to fully staff every school in the Commonwealth with their full complement of school librarians. Librarians are vital to student achievement and they play critical roles in our schools.

The bill has PASSED the Senate but hasn’t, yet, passed the House of Delegates. The bill will be heard in the House Education Committee on Monday, March 5 at 8:30am. We have just a few days to KILL THIS BILL but we need to bombard the members of the House Education Committee with phone calls and emails. Tell them to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 261!!

Click here to find a list of House Education Committee members along with their email addresses and phone numbers. I have also included information on the area of the state they represent. Don’t worry of you are not a constituent. These are the people who will decide if this bill goes to the floor if the House for passage. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN.

Call or email these Delegate, ask your friends to do the same, share this information with everyone you can. We can stop this, but we must act NOW!


James (Jim) Livingston
President, Virginia Education Association
116 South 3rd Street
Richmond, Va  23219