Friday, March 2, 2018

Contact the Budget Conferees NOW

We are at the point in session where all eyes turn to the budget. This year the House and Senate budgets are further apart then they have been in recent memory. There must be a budget, so they will need to figure out a compromise. In the General Assembly, this process is called "Conference". Any bill, including the budget, on which there is disagreement is sent to a conference committee made up of an equal number of legislators from each body, and they figure it out. The budget conferees have been named.

Here they are:
Senate: Senator Norment, Senator Hanger, Senator Saslaw, Senator Howell (the only woman on either side, by the way), Senator Newman, Senator Ruff, and Senator Wagner.

House: Delegate Chris Jones, Delegate Peace, Delegate Knight, Delegate Garrett, Delegate Torian (the only member of color from either side, by the way), and Delegate Sickles

Because the two sides are so far apart, we have created two different cyber lobbyist alerts. Please take action on BOTH of them.

Click here to contact the SENATE budget conferees AND click here to contact the HOUSE conferees. You MUST do BOTH!