Friday, January 12, 2018

Thank you Delegate Lee Ware

Action today was very limited. With so many inaugural events this week and all weekend, both bodies moved very quickly through a couple of bills, but mainly took up memorial resolutions. You VEA team spent the morning talking with legislators about some bills that need some work, finalizing budget amendments, and talking with other education groups to coordinate our work on legislation. It was typical work for the first Friday of session except there is something different. There is a sense that it is time to work together, and it is time to show the rest of the country what it means to be Virginians.

No matter your political beliefs, I think we are all hopeful that the rhetoric in Washington will not cross the Potomac and travel to the General Assembly. Today Delegate Lee Ware did something we would all like to see happen in D.C. He stood and addressed the newly organized House of Delegates. Delegate Ware is a long-serving Republican who reminded all of us how our government should work. He reminded us all today how we should all treat each other. He reminded us today about the humanity that exists in all of us. Thank you Delegate Lee Ware. You are a good man and a good legislator.

Here is how this all played out on the floor today: