Thursday, March 23, 2017

We Were Heard! Governor McAuliffe's Vetoes Protect Our Public Schools!

Your voice matters because we were heard! Thank you Governor McAuliffe! 

I just got off the phone with our VEA state president, Jim Livingston, after sharing this news with him and I wanted to share it here as well. Governor McAuliffe vetoed all of the bills we asked him to veto! 

Our goalie in the mansion stopped the expansion of Charter Schools (Senate Bill 1283), the establishment of an independent Virtual School Board (House Bill 1400), and the establishment of Parental Choice Education Scholarships, which we know are vouchers (House Bill 1605). All three pieces of legislation would drain public funding from our public schools with no real accountability or requirement of educational progress for the student. House Bill 1605 would also have diverted state funding to private and religious schools. 

Governor McAuliffe knows that we are all better served when we invest in our public schools that serve 94% of the eligible school-aged children in Virginia. 

The Governor also vetoed a bill the VEA opposed that would have defined “sexually explicit” material and would put strict requirements on school divisions and teachers who use those books (House Bill 2191). This bill would have put many classics, including Romeo and Juliet, on a list of books that would be flagged for restriction. 

We were heard! Jim, on behalf of our members, sent a letter to the Governor requesting the vetoes, our members sent over 800 emails to the Governor urging the vetoes, and our Government Relations staff was in continuous communication with the Governor’s staff on our position on these bad bills.

We will have a chance to acknowledge the vetoes at our Convention when Sam Eure presents the Legislative Report. Until then, be grateful for our Goalie in the Mansion, Governor Terry McAuliffe!

Click here to read the Governor's Press Release.