Friday, February 10, 2017

Very Little To Report

Sometimes a quiet Friday is exactly what you need after the frantic days leading up to crossover and the long days of budget debate. Today was exactly that kind of Friday. Floor action was brief and all afternoon committee meetings were cancelled. Things pick back up on Monday with quite a few bills of interest to the VEA up in committee.

One win this morning. The House Finance Subcommittee #3 killed SB1426, a bill to expand Delegate Massie's Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship program. The House had killed their own version of this bill last week, but, in what is sometimes a strategy to keep lobbyists away, the Senate bill received a surprising, and unexpected, subcommittee assignment. The House version of the bill went to a subcommittee that meets at 4pm Wednesdays. The Senate version was quickly assigned to this morning's much smaller subcommittee #2 that meets at 7:30am. I can only assume the goal was to sneak it in under the radar. That strategy didn't work, and the Senate bill, just like the House version, went down by a voice vote. Another win for VEA!

Monday both the House and Senate will take up education bills so there will be much more to report. Until then I will take this quiet Friday and wish you all a happy weekend!