Friday, January 13, 2017

VEA Member Toney McNair Honored and Two New Senators Today

Another day of very quick, but important, action in the House and Senate today.

The House of Delegates passed House Joint Resolution 727 Commending VA Teacher of the Year, and VEA member, Dr. Toney McNair. Such a great honor for such a great educator and a good man. Congratulations Toney!

The Senate swore in both new Senators (prior to the State Board of Election certifying the results, see previous post if you want to know more about that). The VEA recommended Jennifer McClellan in Senate District 9 and we could not be more thrilled she is now in the Senate. In the 22nd district Mark Peake was sworn in and the Senate remains 21 Republicans and 19 Democrats.

Congratulations to our two new Virginia Senators!

VEA bills start appearing on committee dockets at 8am Monday. Quick days on the floor are over for sure.