Wednesday, February 10, 2016

VEA Bills Advance!

At this point a number of VEA bills are advancing, and we are having a positive impact on others. 

Yesterday, Senator Favola's SB660, the bill to ensure that nepotism is forbidden when grievance hearing officers are selected, passed the Senate on a 38-Y 2-N vote.

On yesterday as well, and with the help of Delegate Bulova and other members of the Innovation Subcommittee of the House Committee of Education, HB565 was amended at VEA's request to require that charter school teacher be employees of the school division rather than employees of the charter school.  VEA remains opposed to this bill, and the Charter School Constitutional Amendment.  HB565 was reported from the Committee on Education this morning on a 13-Y 9-N vote.

HB524, Delegate LeMunyon's VEA initiated bill to shield teacher professional growth indicators from FOIA requests, was reported on a unanimousvote, and now heads to the House floor.

This morning, VEA initiated bills to provide Statewide a statewide health insurance option to local school divisions, reported from the Senate Finance Committee on a unanimous vote.  Senator Vogel's SB384 was rolled into Senator Chafin's SB364, a substitute was adopted, and the bill is headed for the Senate floor on the uncontested calendar.  There will be a story to tell later regarding all the work that went into coming up with a compromise that has a chance of passing in the House.