Thursday, February 11, 2016

Busy Day at the GA

In a very disappointing, but not wholly unexpected development, the Senate Education and Health Committee reported SB734 on a straight party-linevote.  We had some indication that one or more Republicans would break from the fold, but that did not happen.

SB734 is the bill delineating how charter school applications will be handled if the constitutional amendment, SJR6, passes.

A final vote on the amendment is expected in the House of Friday, and the Senate vote could come at any time.

On the upside, VEA initiated SB564, Senator Norment’s bill to exclude records of an application for licensure or renewal of a license for teachers and other school personnel, including transcripts or other documents submitted in support of an application, from the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act gained final passage in the Senate.  The vote was 40-Y 0-N.  Thanks, Tommy!

The House Appropriation Committee Subcommittee on Elementary and Secondary Education reported both the LaRock voucher bill, HB389 and the Dickie Bell virtual school bill, HB8.  Both votes were 3-Y 2-N party line votes.

Long day!