Tuesday, January 26, 2016

School Calendar Bills Advance in the House and Redistricting Bills Advance in the Senate

Things began early at the GA today.  At the 7:30 AM meeting of the House Education - Education Innovation Subcommittee two schools calendar bills, HB571 and HB753, were reported.  These bills should go to full committee tomorrow.  Bills such as these, returning control of the school calendar to local school boards and repealing the Labor Day closing bill, passed out of the House last year only to face defeat in the Senate Committee on Education and Health.  However, the makeup of the senate committee has changed.  Will this be the year to repeal the Labor Day bill?

In the House Appropriations Elementary and Secondary Education Subcommittee, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Steve Staples provided an excellent presentation which should be required reading for all Virginians.  Click here to see it – it’s worth the time.

The Senate Privileges and Elections Committee reported a number of redistricting bills:  SB31, SB59, and SB191.  The chances for Senate passage are good.  The battle will be in the House.

Long and busy day at the GA.

It is going to be 64F and sunny in Richmond on Lobby Day!  Plan to join us on Monday.