Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Veto Session: Tebow Bill Veto Sustained/Common Core Silliness Over

The General Assembly returned to the Capitol today for the reconvened session to consider the Governor's vetoes and amendments. 

HB1626, the Tebow Bill, was vetoed by the Governor, and the House, the chamber of origin, failed to override the veto on a 60-39 vote.  It takes two thirds of the votes to override so this bill is dead.

Two of the silliest bills of the session, HB1752 and SB724 would have prohibited the Board of Education to replacing the Standards of Learning with Common Core State Standards without approval of the General Assembly.  The Board rejected the Common Core in 2010, and there is no indication that anyone in Virginia wants to adopt the Common Core.  Beyond that, the Board of Education should not me micromanaged by the General Assembly in regard to standards.   The Senate sustained the Governor's veto of SB724 on a 22-18 vote.  The House overrode the Governor's veto of HB1752 on a 70-28 vote; however, the Senate sustained the veto ob HB1752 on a 22-18 vote, killing the bill.