Monday, March 2, 2015

VEA Legislative Committee Awards 2015


The Legislative Champion Awards

 Del. Plum and Sen. Chafin for Salary Budget Amendment for Public School Employees

 Delegate Jackson Miller, for Sponsoring A-F Repeal (HB1368)

Delegate Hugo, for Sponsoring 3 Person Panel (HB1744)

Sen. Vogel and Sen. Chafin for Sponsoring Statewide Health Insurance (SB866)

Sen. Norment for Sponsoring Mandatory CPS Timelines (SB1117)

Sen. Howell for Sponsoring Tuition Tax Credit Accountability (SB905)

OneVirginia2021 for Advocacy of Redistricting (8 bills)

Rookie of the Year (100% VEA voting record first year in chamber)


Rosalyn Dance (D)

 Delegates (five-way tie)

Bob Bloxom (R)
Joseph Lindsey (D)
Kathleen Murphy (D)
Joseph Preston (D)
Rip Sullivan (D)

Solid as a Rock (100% for two or more years in a row)


Kenny Alexander                                                                                            
George Barker                                                                                                 
Chuck Colgan                                                                                                    
Creigh Deeds                                                                                    
Adam Ebbin                                                                                                       
John Edwards                                                                                   
Barbara Favola                                                                                                 
Janet Howell                                                                                                     
Lynwood Lewis                                                                                                
Mamie Locke                                                                                                    
Louise Lucas                                                                                                      
Dave Marsden                                                                                                 
Donald McEachin                                                                                            
John Miller                                                                                                         
Toddy Puller
Dick Saslaw
Jennifer Wexton



Mayme Bacote
David Bulova
Betsy Carr
Eileen Filler-Corn
Michael Futrell
Charniele Herring
Patrick Hope
Tim Hugo
Matthew James
Mark Keam
Kaye Kory
Rob Krupicka
Alfonso Lopez
Monty Mason
Jennifer McClellan
Delores McQuinn
Ken Plum
Sam Rasoul
Tom Rust
Mark Sickles
Marcus Simon
Lionell Spruill
Scott Surovell
Luke Torian
David Toscano
Roslyn Tyler
Jeion Ward
Vivian Watts
Joseph Yost


Connie said...

Do you have a summary of education related bills passed by the Virginia General Assembly and the impact they will have on education? Thanks.

Jenifer Doll said... is one of the learning tools that I have used.

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