Monday, February 16, 2015

CPS Bill Passes, Tebow Bill Vote May Be Tomorrow

With the able leadership of Senator Norment, VEA initiated SB1117 gained final passage in the House (99-0) and is heading to the Governor's desk.  This bill amends the Child Protective Services section of the Code of Virginia to make the reporting deadlines mandatory.

Non-compliance to the 45-day limit causes several problems:

·         Teacher are out of the classroom too long.

·         Local school divisions are paying both the teacher and the substitute.

·         Students are empowered to “take the teacher out.”

Delegate Farrell's HB1320, which prohibits requiring teachers to pay for coursework to satisfy licensure renewal requirements, was reported from the Senate Health and Education Subcommittee on Public Education with no opposition.  This bill now heads to full committee.

This same subcommittee reported Delegate Greason's HB1675, which has the possibility of profoundly changing the way schools operate.  First, it will allow locally developed tests for verified credits.  Second, it removes the 140 hour seat-time requirement to earn a verified unit of credit.  The latter may profoundly change school scheduling and the professional lives of school personnel.

In the House Education Committee, Senator Vogel's SB1386, which requires dyslexia training for teachers seeking initial or renewal of license, was referred to the House Appropriations Committee.  Appropriations killed a similar measure from Delegate Cline before crossover, so a similar fate should befall SB1386.

 The Tebow (HB1626) bill came up for a vote in the Senate today, but went by for the day.  The vote may be as soon as tomorrow.
The snow is coming down, but the General Assembly won't stop their work.  Please look for a posting tomorrow.