Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Welcome Back to the Virginia General Assembly OR Wake Me When It's Over

The session’s starts tomorrow, but it felt like it started today as the Senate Finance Education Subcommittee met for the first time this session.  Jamie Bitz, Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) Chief Legislative Analyst, presented an overview of the JLARC study, “Low Performing Schools in Urban High Poverty Communities.”
Incredibly, given all the information in the report, the reaction of the committee focused on “removing ineffective teachers.”  My welcome back to the General Assembly was hearing the Subcommittee Chairman, Senator Tommy Norment, asked if we could revisit Governor McDonnell’s efforts to “get the deadwood out.”
Yesterday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch, and I assume other papers across Virginia, featured a most welcomed PolitiFact Virginia:  “Teachers’ group says Va.’s school funding16% below inflation since 2009.”  With the excellent assistance of Carol Donohue, we work very hard to make sure that the statistical information placed on this blog is accurate.  It is very good to know that the press reads this blog, and it is great to have the content validated.  I urge you to share this piece widely.