Monday, March 3, 2014

The Work Goes on at the GA Despite the Snow

Everything in Richmond was closed except the General Assembly.  They stop for nothing.  Solo performance at VEA today, and the walk over to the Capitol was interesting.  Richmond is a snowy ghost town.

SB 624, Senator Newman's bill to provide immunity from liability for school board employees who provide emergency medical care to students passed the House 91-1.  This fine bill is headed for the Governor's desk.

HB 1115, Del. Greason's virtual school bill to facilitate sharing of virtual courses among public school systems passed the Senate on a 40-0 vote.

The Senate passed the Senate substitute for Del.Landes' HB 1229, 3 year delay of implementation of the A-F school grading bill.  The House position is one year is reflected in the House substitute for Miller's SB324.  These bills now go to conference.  What's the compromise between 1 and 3?

The House Appropriations Committee took up Senator Stuart's SB 532, the diabetes bill.  This bill was conformed to Delegate Cole's HB 134, putting the bill in proper posture to head for conference.  We have worked in coordination with the entire education community to address the concerns we had with these bills as introduced.  Most of the problems have been addressed, but the House language is preferable.
This was the last day for committees (with the exception of conference committees) to act on bills.
The budget bill was supposed to have been completed by the end of the day today - that isn't going to happen!