Thursday, March 6, 2014

Correction, Bills in Conference, Refusing to Give Up on Salary

Please accept my apology and allow me to offer a correction regarding my premature assertion that HB 930, Del. Greason's SOL reform bill, was on the way to the Governor's desk.  I missed the fact that the Senate had amended the bill.  The House has now rejected the Senate amendments, and the Senate has insisted on its amendments and requested a committee of conference.  House conferees are Delegates Greason, Rust and Brink, and Senate Conferees are Miller, Deeds, and McWaters.

The conferees have been named for the diabetes bills, Sen. Stuart's SB 532 and Del. Cole's HB 134.  They are Senators Barker, Deeds, and Stuart, and Delegates Cole, Dickie Bell, and Keam.  Both the Senate and House language constitute a dramatic improvement over the introduced bill, but we prefer the House language.

In regard to the A-F School Grading bills, Sen. Miller's SB 324 and Del. Lande's HB 1229 and heading for conference.  The Senate conferees on SB 324 are Miller, Barker, and Newman, and the House Conferees are Landes, Miller, and Bulova.  The Senate conferees on HB 1229 are Miller, Puller, and Carrico and the House conferees are Landes, Miller, and Bulova.  These conference committees are to our advantage.  Del. Miller is a fierce opponent of A-F.  I'm still hoping for a three year delay, but thinking it will be two.

We continue to meet with all urging support for funding for teacher and support personnel salaries.  The special session will offer VEA a new opportunity to fight for salary funding.