Thursday, February 13, 2014

Timely Help from Afar/VEA Bill Advances/VEA Bill Up Tommorrow in Sub

The VEA office is closed, downtown Richmond is a ghost town, but this is no snow-day for the Lobby Cadre.  The General Assembly never shuts down for snow.

The legislative calendars are light as the budget writers are hunkered down as they prepare for Sunday's presentations of the House and Senate budgets.

We offer kudos to Melanie Lewis, President of the Amherst Education Association, whose actions generated a most timely Lynchburg News and Advance editorial.  I am calling attention to the piece here at the Capitol today.  What better piece could run when the budget decisions are being made?  Check it out!

Let's hope we see some progress salaries for educators in the budget proposals to be released on Sunday.  Weve been pushing for it.

Senator Favola's SB 43, which gives teachers more time to contest a dismissal notice, advanced to it's third and final reading in the House tomorrow.  Thank you Senator Favola!

Delegate McClellan's HB 720, the lactation support bill, will come up tomorrow morning at 9 in the Senate Subcommittee on Public Education.  This bill has generated no controversy, let's hope it stays that way.