Monday, February 17, 2014

Time to Call Your Delegate and Senator?

We’ve had a little more time to review the House and Senate budget released yesterday, and I need to apologize for frequently amending yesterday’s blog entry as I worked to make sense of the numbers.  One thing that is clear now is that both the House and Senate have honored the pledge to move toward full funding of the VRS certified contribution rate by July 1, 2018.

We’ve also had a chance to figure out which groups of employees got raises:

Higher Education Faculty

Senate             1% Salary + 1% bonus

House              Included in Institution’s budget

State Employees

Senate             1% COLA (12/1/14)

                        1% bonus (12/1/15)

House              2% adjustment for high turnover positions (12/10/14)

                        2% bonus for those not in high turnover positions (7/1/15)

State Supported Local Employees

Senate             1% COLA (12/1/14)

                        1% bonus (12/1/15)

House              2 to 4% additional for certain sheriffs and circuit court staff (1/1/15)                   

2% bonus (7/1/15)

Teachers/Support Personnel

Senate             0%

House              0%

If you don’t think this is right, the first people to call are your Delegate and your Senator.

Contact information for Senators