Friday, February 14, 2014

Saint Valentine would be pleased by VEA's success on his day!

In the Senate Subcommittee on Public Education, Delegate McClellan's HB 720, the lactation support bill, advanced on a unanimous vote.  This bill will now head for the full Senate Committee on Education and Health where is should be taken up on Thursday.  We thank Delegate McClellan for her excellent work on this bill.

In the House, Delegate Favola's SB 43, the bill which allows teachers more time to contest a dismissal notice, was the first bill on the calendar.  Delegate Rust ably presented the bill on the House floor, and it gained final passage on a 94-0 vote.  This bill now awaits Governor McAuliffe's signature.  We thank both Delegate Rust and Senator Favola!  This is the first VEA initiated bill to gain final passage in the 2014 session.  Hopefully, more will follow.

Look for a special Sunday posting, as the House and Senate money committees will report their budget bills this Sunday.