Monday, February 3, 2014

Lactation Support, More Required Training, Calendar Bills, and A-F Delay

The House Education Committee docket was full today as we approach Crossover (2/11).

HB 720, Jennifer Mclellan’s Lactation Support bill, which was initiate by VEA was reported by the full committee on a 21 to 1 vote.  This vote is headed to the full House.
Despite VEA’s objections, Delegate Bacote’s HB 993 was reported and re-referred to Appropriations on a 19-3 vote.  This bill will require that all teachers seeking licensure or re-licensure obtain training on human trafficking.  President Gruber suggested to the committee that this training should be delivered as in-service training rather that a requirement for licensure at the expense of the applicant.

Three Labor Day bills were reported.  Delegate Stolle’s HB 577 applies only unaccredited schools.  Delegate Robinson’s HB 610 gives local school boards control of the calendar but requires that Labor Day be a four-day weekend.  Robinson was attempting to appease the travel and hospitality industries, who always oppose repealing the Labor Day law, with this long travel weekend.  Finally, Delegate Greason’s HB 333 is a full repeal of the Labor Day law.
Finally, Delegate Landes’ HB 1229 was reported on an 22-0 vote.  This bill delays implementation of the A-F school grading bill for one year.

Much of today was spent with Delegate Greason working on his SOL reform bill.  He should present his substitute the 7:30 Education Reform Subcommittee meeting.