Monday, January 6, 2014

VEA Legislative Committee Takes Positions on Early Bills

The bills are now coming in hot-and-heavy.  The VEA Legislative Committee met on December 23 to begin considering legislation before the 2014 General Assembly.  There will be many more bills to consider, but the lists below reflect the positions taken by the committee to date.

VEA Supports the following bills:
HB 110 - McQuinn - Health insurance; credits for retired school division employees.
HB 113 - Marshall, R.G. - Opportunity Educational Institution; abolished.
SB 43 - Favola - Teachers; extends deadline to request hearing after receiving notice of dismissal.
HB 35 - Kory - School calendar; local school boards responsible for setting and determining opening day.
HB 42 - Habeeb - School calendar; local school boards responsbile for setting and determining opening day.

VEA Opposes the following bills:
HB 21 - Marshall, R.G. - School boards; employee firearms training.
HB 34 - Kory - High schools, public; local school boards to set daily school calendar, etc.
HB 63 - Bell, Robert B. - Public school interscholastic programs; participation by students receiving home instruction.
HB 134 - Cole - Diabetes; care of students who have been diagnosed.
HJ 1 - Greason - Teacher Career Ladder program; Department of Education to study feasibility of implementing.
Our next meeting will be on January 8th.