Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SOL Reform

When Governor McAuliffe was running for governor, he made SOL assessment reform a plank in his platform.  The notion was well received, and his opponent said, “Me too.”  Now every member of the General Assembly is on the bandwagon, and most of them have an SOL bill.  So, what is VEA’s position?  This is the message we will be conveying to legislators:

There is broad support for reforming the Standards of Learning assessments.  Numerous SOL reform bills are now before the 2014 General Assembly.

The Virginia Education Association supports SOL reform, and we urge that legislators consider the complexity of this issue.

The General Assembly should move forward by defining the broad goals that should be encompassed in SOL testing reform: 

·         reduction in the number of tests

·         assessment of higher order thinking skills

·         greater local flexibility in regard to timing and content.

Having established these goals, we believe the General Assembly should work with the administration to create a commission including legislators, Board of Education members, parents, and educational practitioners to devise a testing system that best serves Virginia's students.