Thursday, February 14, 2013

Government not the only Dysfunction at the General Assembly Building

It was quite a day at the General Assembly Building.  The legislative assistants always go all out to offer candy and decorate for Valentine’s Day each year.  But, despite all the holiday sweetness, the lasting impression of the day was inoperative bathrooms because of the backed-up sewer system in the old asbestos laden building that is our state’s center of power.  There were many comments attributing the problem to just what so many of our elected officials are full of.  How sweet it isn’t!

Delegate Jennifer McClellan’s HB 1871, VEA’s anti-bullying bill, reported from the Senate Education and Health Committee on a 12-3 vote.  This bill should be heard in full committee at a time to be determined. 

This has been a rough year for Tim Tebow.  Recent headlines read, “Tebow’s future in the NFL uncertain.”  One thing that is for certain is that his bill, HB 1442, failed to report on a 7-8 bipartisan vote. 

George Barker’s SB 1156, which makes offering a nationally competitive salary to Virginia’s teachers a goal of the Commonwealth, reported from the Teacher and Administrative Action subcommittee of the House Education Committee this evening on a 5-3 vote.  This bill will be considered by the full House Education Committee on Monday.

All eyes will be on the Senate floor tomorrow when they consider HJ 693, a constitutional amendment creating a statewide school division to take over under performing schools.  If you have not written your Senator urging opposition to this amendment, which is described on yesterday’s post, please click here to do so.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!