Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3 VEA Bills Advance, One Stinker Killed!

Our partners at the Alliance for Virginia’s Children have prepared a message asking budget conferees not to divert General Fund revenues from schools and other core services to transportation.  Please click here to send this message.

Christina Nuchols wrote an excellent piece on school funding, a real must read.  Click here to read it.  This is one you should pass around.

Monday was a great day for VEA!  HB 1889, the bill to shield teacher professional growth indicators carried by Delegate Jim LeMunyon gained final passage in the Senate and is on the way to the Governor’s desk.  If you are unsure of why this is important, read this.

Delegate Jennifer McClellan’s HB 1871 reported from the Public Education Subcommittee of the Senate Education and Health Committee on a 4-2 vote.

Yays:  Blevins, Newman, Howell and Locke

Nays: Carrico and Black

This bill will be in full committee on Thursday.

Thanks to you, SB 934, the bill to allow unlicensed teachers to teach in charter schools and to deny charter school teachers VRS retirement, was tabled in the House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Compensation and Retirement.

This afternoon in House Rules, Senator Saslaw’s, SJR 328, in amended form, reported from House Rules.  This measure calls for a study of school fungind in Virginia.  Another item on VEA’s agenda advances!
This study resolution now goes to the full House.