Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Act Today to Gain Statewide Health Care Insurance

Two measures now before the General Assembly, Delegate Yost’s HB 1356 , and Senator Barker’s SB 1367, will enable school divisions to participate in the state employee health insurance plan.

By opening the State employee plan and allowing local government and school division employees to join voluntarily, we will be able to reduce costs to localities and increase benefits for employees.  Localities will be able to take advantage of the increased bargaining power and reduced administrative costs associated with the State plan.  Locality employees will receive the same comprehensive benefit coverage that state employees currently receive.  Localities will see savings that can be used locally and may be able to offset property tax increases.

JLARC estimates that a statewide plan for school system employees will save between $44 and $66 million a year.

Delegate Yost’s HB 1356 is now before the House Appropriations Committee.

Senator Barker’s SB 1367 is before the Senate Committee on Finance

Please call or email your Delegate and Senator in support of statewide health insurance for public school employees.

 Click on the legislator’s name to get to the email address.

 Don’t know who your Delegate and Senator is?  Clickhere.