Monday, February 6, 2012

Act Today to Save Continuing Contract

SB 438 was taken up by the Senate Committee on Education and Health’s Subcommittee on Public Education this evening. This is the Governor’s bill, carried by Senator Obenshain, to eliminate continuing contract.

In light of legal issues raised by VEA last week on the House side, and substitute bill was admitted. The good news is that all teachers now holding continuing contract will be “grandfathered.” The bad news that those teachers who have not earned continuing contract by the first day of the 2013-2014 school year will go on to a three year term contract. These teachers will be subject to non-renewal (being fired) at the end or each three year term with no reason given or due process afforded.

Senator Carrico made the motion to report the bill, and Senator Black seconded the motion. Senators Carrico, Black and Blevins voted for the measure, and Senators Howell and Locke voted against it. The vote was party-line.

The House companion, HB 576 will be considered in the House Education Committee’s Teacher and Administrative Action subcommittee tomorrow morning. Please keep the calls and emails coming to members of that subcommittee. They are as follows:

LeMunyon (Chairman), 804-698-1067
Cole, 804-698-1088
Robinson, 804-698-1027
Yost, 804-698-1012
Yancey, 804-698-1094
McClellan, 804-698-1171
Morrissey, 804-698-1074
Keam, 804-698-1035

Please urge them to vote against HB 576.