Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Chance to Kill HB 576, Who got Raises?, A Rally Near You?

House Bill 576, the “Donald Trump treatment” for Virginia’s teachers bill, was reported by the Senate Education and Health Committee today on an 8-7 straight party-line vote. This bill allows our experienced teachers in the future to be fired without reason and without due process. Please click here to write your Senator now on this bill, as it should go to the Senate floor tomorrow for first reading. The final vote should be on Tuesday.

Who’s getting raises in the House and Senate proposals?


College and University Employees (Amount determined by the institution)

State Employees (2% on 7/10/13)

Constitutional Officers (2%) - treasurers, sheriffs, attorneys for the Commonwealth, clerks of the courts, commissioners of the revenue

Members of the General Assembly - Same as state employees starting in 2016

Teachers - NOT


College and University Employees (2% on June 2013)

State Employees (2% on June 2013)

State Supported Locals (2% on June 2023)

Teachers - NOT

This failure to put funding into the teacher salary incentive fund is inexcusable. Virginia has fallen $7,083 behind the national average teacher salary. We are the seventh wealthiest state in the union. The only times that teacher salaries have risen in Virginia when compared to those in other states has been when the General Assembly, often with Executive Leadership, put funds into the teacher salary incentive fund. This was last done by Governor Kaine in 2008. We need the General Assembly’s leadership on this issue.

A number of regional events are being planned to protest our state’s lack of support for education. I will be trying to provide information in hope that you will try to attend.

Charlottesville Wake for Public Education

After 142 years, Public Education is being destroyed by lack of funding, unfunded mandates, high stakes testing, an underfunded retirement system, and loss of continuing contracts. Left to mourn will be over-crowded classrooms, forgotten students, demoralized educators, and undervalued support personnel.
A Public Wake will be held at
Noon on March 3, 2012 at the
Free Speech Monument in Charlottesville, Virginia.
All are welcome to attend.
Sponsored by the Blue Ridge UniServ (434) 823-4470