Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fight the Term Contract Bill/Protect Your Pension!

The tortuous wait on the fate of HB 576, the fire the teacher for no reason without due process bill, continues. The Senate passed the bill by for the day once again. This means the Governor does not have the votes, and we know that he is putting all the pressure he can on the wayward members of his own party. It is VEA against the world on this bill, and we need you to keep the calls and emails going to your Senator urging opposition to HB 576.

You can find your Senator’s phone number by clicking here.

If you do not know who your Senator is, click here.

In addition, we are in an uphill battle to keep retirement benefits for current teachers from being reduced by HB 1129, and from keeping future teachers seeing their retirement benefits reduced by SB 498.

Click here to send a letter regarding HB 1129.

Click here to send a letter regarding SB 498.

This is the most anti-teacher and anti-public school legislative session in my memory. We are going to have to all work on devising plans to fight back in the months and years ahead. We may have lessons to learn from those who recently stood up for reproductive rights in the last few weeks. We are at such a disadvantage because our members are not only working when the session is in – it is almost impossible for teachers to get leave when local budgets are so tight. What do we need to do to bring a large enough group to a Richmond rally to have an impact?