Monday, February 13, 2012

The Fat Lady Doesn't Sing Until March 11th

We are doing our best to defeat HB 576 and SB 438 the bills which single out teachers and principals and deprive them of a fair dismissal procedure. I am heartened by the fact that people from across the state, who are not educators, are calling me to ask why this is happening to Virginia's teachers.

I think it is important that this question is answered. The Governor fully supports these bills. The only thing we can do to return the favor is to Vote for Ron Paul in the upcoming Presidential Primary on March 6th. The Virginia Association of School Superintendents supports it, but the only thing we can do is express our disappointment. Click here to see the members of their board who made the decision. The Virginia School Board Association not only supports it - their lobbyist wrote the bill.

I hope, too, that we will remember the House vote on the bill today (55-43) on November 5, 2013. Joannou was the only Democrat to vote for HB 576. Twelve Republicans and 31 Democrats voted against the bill.

The final Senate vote on SB 438, the teacher contract bill is tomorrow, so keep the calls and emails going to Senate offices.