Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What a difference a year makes!

Senator Marsden's SB 198, the bill which would have allowed local school boards to provide the retiree health care credit to support personnel, failed to report from the Senate Finance Committee this morning. Senator Hanger made the motion to report, and we thank him.

This bill was reported from the same committee last year only to die in the House. Look at the committee votes from both years:


YEAS--Houck, Howell, Miller, Y.B., Marsh, Lucas, Whipple, Reynolds--7.

NAYS--Colgan, Wampler, Stosch, Saslaw, Watkins--5.

ABSTENTIONS--Quayle, Norment--2.


YEAS--Howell, Saslaw, Hanger, Miller, Y.B., Marsh, Lucas--6.

NAYS--Stosch, Norment, Watkins, Newman, Ruff, Wagner, McDougle, Vogel--8.


For those who doubt that elections make a difference, this vote proves otherwise.