Monday, January 30, 2012

House Vote on Labor Day Bill Sets Up Senate Battle

This morning the House Education Committee, on a strong vote, reported Delegate Bob Tata’s HB 1063, which returns control of the school calendar to local school boards.

YEAS--Tata, Rust, Massie, Greason, Bell, Richard P., Stolle, LeMunyon, Robinson, Yost, Yancey, Dudenhefer, Alexander, Ware, O., Tyler, Bulova, Morrissey, Keam--17.

NAYS--Landes, Lingamfelter, Cole, Pogge--4.

NOT VOTING--McClellan--1.

McClellan was out of state on pressing personal business, but she would have voted for the bill.

This sets up a battle after crossover. The vote on Marsden’s similar bill in the Senate Education and Health Committee was as follows:

YEAS--Martin, Lucas, Newman, Barker, Northam, Miller, J.C., McWaters, Black, Carrico--9.

NAYS--Saslaw, Howell, Blevins, Locke, Smith, Garrett--6.

This vote was to Pass-By-Indefinitely, so a NAY was a vote for the bill. We need to flip two votes to get the bill to the floor in the Senate.

A special thanks goes to Senator Harry Blevins, who chairs the Education Subcommittee of Senate Education and Health. The Governor’s teacher contract bill was to be taken up without VEA even having a chance to see the substitute being proposed. He let the bill go by for the day so that we can try to get our hands on it and prepare to testify. Senator Obenshain is carrying the bill.