Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keep the Pressure On re HB1483 and the Budget

The word from the budget conferees is encouraging today. In contrast with yesterdays “buzz,” Senate conferees tell me they are holding firm on PreK-12 funding.

The Senate yet again delayed a final vote on Delegate Cleaveland’s HB 1483, the bill giving the students of Roanoke City a level playing field by allowing them, like their Roanoke County neighbors, to start school two weeks before Labor Day. This bill affords them equal instructional time prior to IB and SOL tests. Opponents of the bill said that amendments to the bill were not printed and that consideration should be delayed.

Please call your Senator urging her/him to resist amendments to HB1483 and to vote to pass the bill, and urge your senator to ask the Senate budget conferees to hold firm on PreK-12 funding.