Monday, February 14, 2011

Won One/Lost One/Repair the Damage Rally

Delegate Cleaveland’s HB1483, a Labor Day Bill exempting Roanoke City from the Labor Day law, cleared another hurdle today when it was reported from the Senate Committee on Education and Health. Could it be that the dam is ready to break on this issue? The fact that Roanoke City’s youth have two weeks less time to prepare for IB and other tests was an issue. I think it may be time for a frontal assault on the Labor Day bill. Shall we put that on next year’s agenda? Delegate Cleaveland is a highly effective advocate for his legislation, especially considering that this is his first session.

We were less lucky on the PE bill. O’Bannon’s bill was reported from the same committee on a 3-2 vote.

Tomorrow will be a big day in the Senate Finance Committee, Delegate Massie’s voucher bill, SB2314, will come up. It’s not too late to make calls to members of that committee urging defeat of SB2314.

Thanks to all who attended today’s “Repair the Damage” rally. Please check out the coverage on the VEA website.