Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sine Die!!!!!!!

Sine Die!

At a much quicker pace than anticipated the House and Senate concluded the session this evening.

In the broadest strokes, for VEA members there is no change relating to VRS (a major victory), and the Senate held strong on PreK-12 funding. Remember the House bill added no new funds for public education, while the Senate increased funding by a little more than $100 million. The bottom line is that the adopted budget includes $76,120,208 more in 2011-2012 Direct Aid for Public Education.

One wrinkle to our disadvantage is that, upon the insistence of the House conferees, the new funds for public education will be “taken out of the base expenditure totals for the purposes of calculating the cost of the FY 2012-2014 biennial budget and for future rebenchmarking considerations.”

If you want to see the bottom line for your school division please click on this link:

Thanks for all you have done to advance the cause of public education as you have lobbied for our cause in the 2011 session.