Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lost One/One Delayed

Consideration of HB1483, the bill to exempt Roanoke City from the post- Labor-Day school opening requirement, was delayed for another day. One suspects that some fierce arm twisting must be taking place behind the scenes on this one. We obviously had the votes for passage on Monday, when efforts to re-refer the bill to Commerce and Labor garnered only 13 votes.

We were beaten badly on HB2494. Our locals will have to pay close attention to plans from local school boards to see exemptions from state standards to make sure that we watch out for the interest of students and those who work in our schools. We were shellacked on a 33-7 vote.

The word from the budget conference committee is that progress is being made. The buzz is that the House and Senate have agreed to meet half way, but no final decisions have been made regarding the policy issues relating to PreK-12. What is disturbing is that the VRS issues, employee payment of the 5% and the defined contribution option, are still being promoted by the House conferees despite the fact that all bills to forward this agenda were defeated.

Please call your Senator urging support of HB1483.