Friday, February 25, 2011

House Pulls Senate Down/Retirements

The word from the budget conferees is that they have agreed to increase PreK-12 funding by $75 million dollars. They are yet to agree on how to “slice the $75 million pie.” Remember the Senate started at $103 million

Unfortunately, this amount of money won’t go far, but here would be some good uses for the funds:

funding for resource teachers (art, music and PE) in grades six and seven ($34 million)

funding for school buses ($37.7 million)

funding for text books ($17 million)

Pre-K funding ($11.2 million)

support for school employee salaries (about $24 million per 1%)

Please continue to call conferees – see numbers on yesterday’s posting.

Senators Ticer and Whipple have both announced their retirements, and Delegate Pollard announced his retirement today.