Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beginning of the End of the Labor Day Bill?

The word on the budget is that the discussions are not proceeding swimmingly, and it looks like a vote on the budget will be on Tuesday rather than Saturday. PreK-12 funding remains a matter of contention.

The Roanoke City Labor Day waiver bill, HB1483, finally came to vote in the Senate today. At long and at last, HB1483 passed the Senate on a 22-18 vote. My hope is that this marks the beginning of the end of the Labor Day law in Virginia!

Please keep the pressure on the budget conferees to move toward the Senate position on PreK-12 funding.

Senate All tel. #’s are area code 804

Charles J. Colgan 698-7529

William C. Wampler, Jr. 698-7540

R. Edward Houck 698-7517

Janet D. Howell 698-7532

Richard L. Saslaw 698-7535

Walter A. Stosch 698-7512


Lacey E. Putney 698-1019

M. Kirkland Cox 698-1066

Beverly J. Sherwood 698-1029

R. Steven Landes 698-1025

S. Chris Jones 698-1076

Johnny S. Joannou (D-Portsmouth) (no e-mail address) 698-1079