Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Get Involved in Politics?

Public education is too often a punching bag in our society. And too many of our citizens do not currently have children in public school and therefore do not see the need to spend tax dollars on a service they do not personally use.

Through our education programs VEA provides the information about the benefits of a strong public education system.

In addition, active engagement in our democracy empowers our members and gives us voice.

Since our elected officials decide the quality of our public education system, we must ensure that these decisions are not made in a vacuum. Our members‘ stories are important to ensure that our politicians make informed decisions. Our members are on the front lines and see the breakdowns—and the solutions for repair—of what is happening in our public schools and what is happening with the students we teach and the systems in which we work.

This role is at the core of the mission of our Association. We must continue to carry it out by actively participating in the work of democracy.

Get involved yourself and get other members involved because if one person can make a difference, just imagine what a thousand can do! That‘s the way laws change. Sometimes it takes decades to make the change—and thousands of people working for the same cause.